What to Expect

What’s Next?

Your doctor has ordered a test and now you are wondering, what’s next? What does this mean?

We assist in lowering your anxiety by promptly:

  • Scheduling your exam.
  • Verifying your benefits.
  • Obtaining insurance authorization.
  • Providing you an appointment time that is convenient for you.

If your exam requires any special preparation, you will be informed about the requirements when you schedule your appointment. If you would like more details about your individual exam, please click on your exam type listed on this page to find out more information.

When You Arrive...

In addition all required forms will be given you to you when checking in at our front desk.

There are several payment options available to you including:

  • Care Credit
  • Customized Payment Arrangements
  • Financial Discount Program

Pre-registration forms are available on our site here.

What’s makes Touchstone Different?

Do you know you have a choice in where you receive your medical imaging?

At Touchstone Imaging you will receive the highest quality experience in customer service and scheduling with fast and accurate results. Touchstone Imaging operates with the highest quality medical imaging equipment and staff to deliver an experience well above industry standards. The patient experience at Touchstone Imaging is designed to give you what you need with your best interest in mind, and is not contracted to give any type of compensation to your physician. Choosing Touchstone means choosing what is right for you.

Ready to Schedule an appointment?

When considering Touchstone Imaging for your needs, keep in mind the following:

  • What is the best equipment for your scan?
  • Do you need options if you can’t pay the amount owed?
  • Will your results be delivered to your provider quickly and accurately?
  • Do you need a location convenient to where you live or work?
  • Will you be able to schedule at a time that fits your schedule?
  • Do you need a facility that is in-network with your insurance?
  • Does your doctor require radiologist that have fellowship training?
  • Are you concerned your electronic medical records are secure and HIPPA compliant?