3D Mammography

Get a 3D mammogram at Touchstone Medical Imaging

If you have dense breast tissue or a family history of breast cancer, 3D mammography at Touchstone Medical Imaging is the option for you. This advanced type of breast imaging combines images of the breast taken from multiple angles, delivering clarity about subtle irregularities that other scans may miss and gives you added confidence in your test results.

How It Works

3D mammography generates several images of the breast from different angles then combine the images using computer technology to create a 3D image. These images minimize tissue overlap that may camouflage cancerous tissue or make it difficult to distinguish normal tissue and tumors.
Screening Mammography

Reasons for 3D Mammography

Traditional 2D mammography remains the gold standard for detecting breast cancer. 3D imaging, however, allows radiologists to see breast tissue more clearly while ruling out harmless abnormalities that may lead to unnecessary biopsies and further testing.

3D mammograms may help women with:

  • Better cancer detection: In a study published in JAMA Oncology, researchers found that 3D mammography increased breast cancer detection by 40%. Following women over three years, the researchers noted that 3D mammography found smaller invasive cancers better than conventional mammograms, especially in women ages 40–49.
  • Fewer false positives: False positives—screening results that suggest you have cancer when you do not—can lead to unnecessary testing and anxiety. In numerous studies, researchers have found that 3D mammograms reduce the risk of false-positive test results and the need for retesting.

Patient Reviews

Our patients say it best. Touchstone Imaging provides welcoming, comforting outpatient facilities with friendly and helpful staff.

Front office staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Technician was absolutely wonderful. Extremely friendly, kept me informed during the entire process of what she was doing and what would be happening next.
Tina J.
I had to take my 11-year-old in for an MRI of his knee. It was one of the best experiences we’ve had at a medical office in a long time. Everyone was friendly, informative, and professional.
Jodi E.
I had to get a brain MRI back in November. The check in process was fast and friendly. I didn’t have to wait long before being taken to the back to get prepped for my procedure. The staff made me feel at ease and the environment is very calming and tranquil. The MRI tech checked on me constantly during the procedure and kept me informed as to which part of the exam we are completing. I can’t remember her name but she was very nice and pleasant. If I ever have to get another diagnostic test, I will be returning here.
Brian V.
Everyone was excellent! I was acknowledged and welcomed when I entered the building. Front staff were professional and courteous when discussing paperwork. Friendly smiles. My technician impressed me as being highly trained in her field. Her personal and professional skills are awesome. Enjoyed something I wasn’t looking forward to.
Evangelina B.
Friendly staff. I called and got an appointment that fit my schedule. Quick check in. Relatively short wait time compared to a lot of medical facilities. The technician was friendly, gave clear instructions and made me feel comfortable. I was out in less than an hour.
Wendy B.
Great place, people, and atmosphere was awesome. The guy that brought me to the back had me laughing the whole way. They checked in on me a few times in the MRI machine to make sure I was doing ok and it made me feel more comfortable. I would recommend this place to anyone needing an MRI done.
Jon C.

Choose accurate imaging and convenient service with Touchstone

3D mammograms are available at multiple Touchstone Medical Imaging locations in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas. We accommodate same-day and next-day appointment requests, and early morning, evening and weekend hours are often available for your convenience.

3D Mammography Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a 3D mammogram?

Our front-desk staff will greet you when you arrive at Touchstone Medical Imaging and give you further instructions to help you fill out any necessary paperwork. You can also print forms and pre-fill them before your appointment.

Your technologist will escort you to a private, designated mammography area when it’s your turn. All Touchstone Medical Imaging technologists have certification in mammography by The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.

The technologist will position your breast on a special platform and apply gradual compression. This helps spread out the breast tissue and holds the breast still during imaging. X-ray tubes will move over your breast in an arc to take multiple images. Your technologist will ask you to hold your position briefly during each scan to keep the images from blurring. The mammogram test typically takes about 30 minutes, but the actual compression time is just a few seconds per scan.

One of our fellowship-trained, subspecialty radiologists will read your 3D images and look for abnormal tissue. Your doctor will receive your results in approximately 24–36 hours, and you can also receive results by mail or email. If needed, your doctor may schedule a follow-up scan or additional tests to help rule out cancer in areas of concern.

How should I prepare for a 3D mammogram?

The following tips can help your 3D mammogram go more smoothly.

Schedule 3D screening mammography scans one week after your period. Your breasts are less sensitive during this time.

Review your medical history before your appointment. Your radiologist needs to know about your personal and family medical history, as well as about new findings in your breasts, prior surgeries and hormone use, in order to fully interpret your results. Be prepared to give a clear overview, which helps with diagnosis.

Bring a disc or films of previous mammograms if you had the tests at other facilities, or let your radiologist know how to obtain the films. These can help your radiologist detect subtle changes and better understand abnormalities in your current mammogram.

Do not apply talcum powder, deodorant, lotion or perfume under your arms or on your breasts before the scan. Traces of deodorant or other products may appear on the mammogram as areas of concern.

Dress in comfortable clothing and opt for separates, such as a loose shirt paired with pants, shorts or a skirt, so you do not have to fully remove a dress or jumpsuit for your scan.

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