What is an Arthrogram?

If your doctor has ordered an arthrogram, it is to get more information about your joints than a traditional CT or MRI can provide.  An arthrogram is a test that uses X-rays to guide and evaluate the injection of contrast directly into the joint. After this has been done, you may be required to have an MRI or CT in order to obtain more information from the scan.

How should I prepare for an Arthrogram?

An Arthrogram generally does not require any special preparation. If it is being followed by an MRI, you should prepare  the same way you would for that exam by dressing in clothes without any metal snaps or zippers.

What should I wear for my Arthrogram?

Wear comfortable clothing with easy access to the joint being examined.

What happens after my Arthrogram?

You will be released and our radiologist will review the exam and send the results to your doctor.  You should be able to resume normal daily activities, although it is recommended that you avoid rigorous physical activity for 24hrs.