Get a Myelogram at Touchstone Medical Imaging

A myelogram—an advanced imaging study that delivers a comprehensive view of the spinal canal—can help uncover various conditions that affect the spine. Your doctor may order this study if you experience neck, leg or back pain, or weakness and tingling in your legs.

How It Works

A myelogram uses X-ray technology to create detailed pictures of the bones (vertebrae) and the fluid-filled (subarachnoid) space between the bones in your spine. The procedure can also benefit people who need spine imaging and are ineligible for an MRI due to having a pacemaker, surgical screws, or other metal or electronic devices that might be affected by magnets in the MRI equipment.

Reasons for Myelogram

A myelogram can help diagnose:

  • Herniated discs, which form when the cushions, or discs, between the bones of the spine bulge and put pressure on the spinal cord and nerves
  • Infections, such as meningitis, which occur when bacteria or a virus causes the membranes that protect the spinal cord to become inflamed
  • Spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal canal caused by injury or arthritis
  • Tumors caused by primary or metastasized cancer
Woman biking in the mountains with back pain needs an Myelogram

Patient Reviews

Our patients say it best. Touchstone Imaging provides welcoming, comforting outpatient facilities with friendly and helpful staff.

Front office staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Technician was absolutely wonderful. Extremely friendly, kept me informed during the entire process of what she was doing and what would be happening next.
Tina J.
I had to take my 11-year-old in for an MRI of his knee. It was one of the best experiences we’ve had at a medical office in a long time. Everyone was friendly, informative, and professional.
Jodi E.
I had to get a brain MRI back in November. The check in process was fast and friendly. I didn’t have to wait long before being taken to the back to get prepped for my procedure. The staff made me feel at ease and the environment is very calming and tranquil. The MRI tech checked on me constantly during the procedure and kept me informed as to which part of the exam we are completing. I can’t remember her name but she was very nice and pleasant. If I ever have to get another diagnostic test, I will be returning here.
Brian V.
Everyone was excellent! I was acknowledged and welcomed when I entered the building. Front staff were professional and courteous when discussing paperwork. Friendly smiles. My technician impressed me as being highly trained in her field. Her personal and professional skills are awesome. Enjoyed something I wasn’t looking forward to.
Evangelina B.
Friendly staff. I called and got an appointment that fit my schedule. Quick check in. Relatively short wait time compared to a lot of medical facilities. The technician was friendly, gave clear instructions and made me feel comfortable. I was out in less than an hour.
Wendy B.
Great place, people, and atmosphere was awesome. The guy that brought me to the back had me laughing the whole way. They checked in on me a few times in the MRI machine to make sure I was doing ok and it made me feel more comfortable. I would recommend this place to anyone needing an MRI done.
Jon C.

Choose accurate imaging and convenient service with Touchstone

Touchstone Medical Imaging delivers Myelogram services at up to 60% less than hospital imaging and is covered by 99% of health insurance plans. Our skilled technologists will guide you seamlessly through your appointment for a reassuring experience. You can be confident that our team of fellowship-trained, subspecialty radiologists will give your doctor the diagnostic information necessary for your treatment and care.

Myelogram Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a myelogram?

After you meet your technologist, you’ll lie down on the X-ray table to receive an anesthetic to numb an injection site along your spine followed by an injection of contrast dye. The injection typically feels like nothing more than slight pressure. If your doctor requests it, we will also collect and send a small sample of cerebrospinal fluid to a laboratory for further testing.

Your technologist may ask you to lie on your side or your stomach, and the X-ray table will be tilted at different angles. This helps the dye move through the spinal canal and makes the nerve roots and spinal cord easier to see on the scan. Next, as you lie face-down on the X-ray table, your technologist will use fluoroscopy to capture a continuous series of detailed X-ray images. Your technologist will ask you to lie as still as possible while taking the radiographs.

Your doctor may also order a CT scan to be performed immediately after the X-rays, while the dye is still in your body. The CT scan provides even more detail about soft tissues, such as root nerves, in the spinal canal.

A myelogram usually takes 30–60 minutes. A CT myelogram, using a CT scan as well as traditional X-rays, may take an extra 15–30 minutes.

One of Touchstone Medical Imaging’s radiologists will study the images taken during your myelogram and send a detailed report to your doctor, who will discuss the results with you. Your doctor will advise you about your treatment options and inform you if you need a follow-up scan to further examine any problem areas or track changes in your condition over time.

How should I prepare for my myelogram?

To prepare for your myelogram at Touchstone Medical Imaging, we may instruct you to:
– Stop eating for a specified number of hours before the test.
– Discontinue or adjust certain medications, including blood thinners, antidepressants and diabetes medicines.
– Arrange for a ride to and from the imaging center.
– Wear comfortable clothes that you can easily remove.
– Leave jewelry at home.

Is a myelogram safe?

Pregnant women should not receive a myelogram. For others, this test is safe as it employs a very low amount of radiation, according to the American College of Radiology.

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