3D Mammography

The Future of Breast Cancer Detection

What Is 3D Mammography?

A 3D mammogram images the breast tissue, similar to flipping through the pages of a book versus, the top and bottom of the book’s cover. Don’t judge a book by its cover…pages of a book tell a story just like the slices in a 3D mammogram give the radiologist a more clear and complete view of your breast tissue.

3D has demonstrated an increase in early detection rates of cancer.

Why Choose 3D?

Fewer patient recalls for additional imaging, resulting in less cost and reduced short-term anxiety.  Clinical studies have concluded 3D mammography significantly reduces the number of unnecessary recalls by up to 40% (or more).

Better cancer detection.  3D mammography has shown to have higher cancer detection rates than traditional 2D mammography.  Radiologist are now able to see “inside” the breast, layer by layer, to detect cancers earlier than ever. 3D mammography is beneficial for all patients, regardless of the density of their breast tissue or whether they have a family history of breast cancer.

No increased exam time or discomfort for a 3D exam versus a 2D exam.

Check In

Check in with our friendly & knowledgeable staff.


You will be escorted to a private, designated mammography area, where you change and have your exam completed. (Our technologists are ARRT certified with a mammography registration).

Exam Reading

Your exam will be read by a Breast Certified & Fellowship Trained radiologist.

How do I receive my results?

Your physician will receive your results within approximately 24 hours, if not sooner. You have the choice to receive your results via mail or email. If you choose email, you will receive the results within 24-36 hours.

Bring a disc or films from any prior mammograms, if done at any facility other than Touchstone.

  • If you have had a previous mammogram at a facility other than Touchstone Medical Imaging, please let us know so that we may obtain these films. It is extremely important for the radiologist to have your prior films for comparison, as it enhances the doctor’s ability to detect a subtle change or small abnormality on your current mammogram. Availability of prior films at your appointment also decreases the length of time it takes for you to get your results.

On the day of examination, do not wear talcum powder, deodorant, lotion, or perfume under your arms or breasts. (This can make the images harder to interpret). Deodorant will be available to you after your exam.

Wear two-piece clothing so you only have to remove your top and bra for examination.

To minimize discomfort during exam, schedule mammogram during the two weeks following your menstrual cycle (when breasts are less tender).

Please be prepared to discuss any pertinent history at his appointment.

  • Having a clear understanding of your history helps the radiologists to make a more clear diagnosis.

Medicare and most other national providers cover an annual 3D mammogram. A 3D mammogram can be done in conjunction with a screening or a diagnostic mammogram. If for some reason your insurance does not cover the 3D portion of your exam, an additional cost will be charged at the time of service. For more information about this, please contact your local Touchstone 3D mammography facility.

  • Access to 3D Mammography  – This cutting edge technology is fully approved by the FDA and statistically proves its benefits over a traditional mammogram; however is not considered the standard of care and is not offered by all hospitals and imaging centers. According to the FDA’s Mammography Quality Standards Act Program, out of the 8,700 accredited facilities across the country, certified digital breast tomosynthesis units exist in only 4,600 in 2019. That means only slightly more than half of the facilities have the necessary equipment and expertise needed to provide cutting-edge mammography screenings. When making decisions about your annual mammogram and your health, it is important to make decisions based on quality.
  • Touchstone is a one-stop shop for outpatient diagnostic imaging. We offer Women’s Imaging services including 3D Mammography and Bone Density, and also perform MRI, CT, Ultrasound, X-RAY, Arthrogram, Myelogram, CT Lung Cancer Screening, CT Calcium Scoring, and PET/CT exams.  *Services vary by location, so please call your local Touchstone site for more information.
  • Sub-Specialized Fellowship Trained Breast Radiologists
  • High-quality diagnostic imaging at an outpatient pricing structure.

Call your local Touchstone facility for a 3D mammography appointment today.

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