How Much Does an MRI Cost?

April 5, 2022 – 3 min read

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How Much Does an MRI Cost?

You tore a ligament. Or maybe your doctor suspects cancer or multiple sclerosis. To help diagnose the cause of your symptoms, your doctor prescribed an MRI. You’re concerned about your health, of course, but you’re also concerned about the unexpected expense of this test. Just how much does an MRI cost?

The answer to that question varies for a number of reasons. It depends on what body part is being examined, where your test takes place, and your insurance coverage.

At Touchstone Medical Imaging, we understand that needing an MRI is stressful enough. Unexpected bills and excessive costs only add to the stress, so we tell you up front what your anticipated cost will be. Most of the time, it’s less than you would expect.

If your doctor has ordered an MRI, remember that affordable options are available. Find the Touchstone Medical Imaging center near you for a high-quality, cost-effective imaging scan.

Inside an MRI

Short for magnetic resonance imaging, an MRI uses powerful magnets and radio waves. These work together to capture detailed images of your body’s internal structures as you lie still.

Today, an MRI is a vital tool for diagnosing and monitoring several health conditions. You may need an MRI if your doctor suspects one of the following:

  • Brain issues, such as swelling, stroke, bleeding or tumors
  • Cancer that may or may not have spread to other body parts
  • Orthopedic issues, such as infection, tumors, swelling, tendon tearing or degenerative disease
  • Other issues affecting organs and soft tissues inside your body

Most of the time, a CT scan costs less than an MRI. However, different imaging technology works best in specific situations. When your doctor prescribes an MRI, a CT scan won’t provide the answers he or she seeks.

Quick cost comparison

Looking for an MRI that’s not going to break the bank? Whether you plan to pay out of pocket or rely on private insurance, an outpatient imaging center is the most economical option.

By turning to specialty outpatient imaging centers like Touchstone Medical Imaging, you may instantly save money. Compared to hospitals, the average cost of scans at Touchstone Medical Imaging is 40% to 60% less than at a hospital. That includes CT scans, MRI procedures and more.

How much does an MRI cost with insurance?

The cost of an MRI with insurance depends on several factors, including your deductible amount, your co-pay and the type of coverage you have. Check with your insurance provider to find out how much they cover and what your out-of-pocket expense will be.

Ideally, you should use an imaging center that accepts your insurance. Touchstone Medical Imaging is an in-network provider for 99% of all major insurance companies. That means your MRI is likely covered by your private insurance. You can save money and get your scan conveniently at one of our local centers.

If your doctor has ordered an MRI scan, find a Touchstone Medical Imaging center near you for a convenient and cost-effective MRI.