Cardiac Scoring Special in February – $99

February 3, 2022 – 2 min read

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Cardiac Scoring Special Colorado

What is a Cardiac Scoring CT?

A cardiac soring CT scan – also known as coronary calcium scan or heart scan – is a specialized multi-view X-ray test done on a CT machine that is used as a screening tool for early detection of calcium-containing plaque in the arteries.

The scan takes approximately 15 minutes, is painless and requires no advance preparation, injections or medications.

What will Cardiac Scoring show about your heart health?

Cardiac Scoring measures calcified plaque inside the arteries that can grow and restrict blood flow to the muscles of the heart identifying potential Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) before you have signs or symptoms. Measuring calcified plaque with a coronary calcium scan may allow your doctor to identify potential coronary artery disease to determine if you may need medication or lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of heart attack or other heart problems.

Who should get a Cardiac Scoring Scan?

Major risk factors for CAD, include:

  • Age – Men 40 years and older, and women 45 years and older, are at moderate risk for developing CAD
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Family history of heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • History of cigarette smoking
  • Overweight or obese with a BMI above 25
  • Accumulation of abdominal fat
  • Low physical activity or sedentary lifestyle

Ready to Schedule Your Screening?

Touchstone Medical Imaging is offering a $99* Cardiac Scoring Special in February 2021 at the below Colorado locations in recognition of Heart Health Month.

You can proactively request a cardiac scoring test on your own without a referral from your physician, or speak to your doctor about if the test is right for you.

  • Touchstone Imaging Highline
    • Call to schedule: 720.889.2795
    • Located at Broadway and Dry Creek Rd. in Littleton, 1 mile north of C-470
    • Address: 26 West Dry Creek Circle, Suite 160, Littleton, CO 80120
  • Touchstone Imaging Lakewood
    • Call to schedule: 303.216.9000
    • Located near I-70 and the Denver West Colorado Mills exit
    • Address: 14062 Denver West Parkway, Building 52, Suite 180, Lakewood, CO 80401

*Regular pricing for cardiac scoring is $199. $99 special only valid in February 2021.