What to Expect From Your First MRI

What to Expect From Your First MRI

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When you are referred for your first MRI, it’s natural to feel anxious or nervous — just like you did every year on the first day of school. It is common to have mixed emotions about upcoming medical procedures, especially ones that involve large machines and reveal the answers that could change your life. At Touchstone Imaging, we are here for you. We’ve helped tens of thousands of patients through their first and follow-up MRIs, and we are here to tell you, you are not alone. Let’s take a journey to prepare you for what to expect from your first MRI.

What To Expect From Your Visit

Here’s how our team is taking special precautions to keep you and our staff safe for your next visit.

Once your provider has referred you for an MRI, you can schedule your appointment at your nearest Touchstone Imaging clinic. Our staff will ask you a series of questions to ensure that MRI is safe for you and determine which machine will work the best to meet your needs. This allows you to ask some questions and get to know the clinic staff. 

Once you come for your appointment, you’ll meet your radiology technologist who will ask you a series of questions, similar to the prescreening ones you previously answered. Then, you’ll be asked to remove any metal, including jewelry and underwire bras. This is your chance to ask your MRI technologist any remaining questions, and they will walk you through the procedure.

For the MRI, you’ll lay on the table and be covered with blankets. You can choose what music you listen to and your technologist will be able to communicate with you the entire time. Many patients fall asleep on the table, while others enjoy their favorite music to help mask the whooshing of the large magnets. Exam times vary from 20 minutes to 90 minutes depending on which test you are having performed. For best results, hold as still as possible.

Once the MRI is complete, your technologist will help you off the table, and you’ll be on your way. The radiologist will interpret the results — generally within one to three business days — and send them to your provider. You can follow-up with your referring physician for results and treatment plan.